Our Family Tree

The Offiler family tree has been researched for over 20 years by Geoff Dolby, whose grandparents were Offilers. He has found two (probably connected) branches for all Offilers in the UK and another two branches of Offlers. Our side goes back to one David Offiler, born in Basford, Nottingham in 1776. This schematic shows our family tree, in a direct line from this David to to the youngest, Robert.

The whole Offiler tree now runs to several modern families, most of whom have never heard of the others, much less met them! Of some 90+ living Offilers in the UK today (from electoral roles), the majority still live in the Nottingham/Derby area and neighbouring counties. The most far-flung Offilers we know of are Anthony and Matthew in Cape Cod, Mass. USA, and we think there may be others in Alaska, Florida and Australia.

If you are an Offiler, or are related to the an Offiler, you could be a long-lost relative! Please get in touch via the Contact page.

Tree schematic